Karaoke at 12:45

We can sing!

Nothing much good happens in a karaoke bar after midnight. Song selections gets sloppy. Voices that started out at a 6 become a 3, only at a much higher volume. And good taste joins Ruby Rhod in the guest cabin.

This is the point we reached last Saturday night. And these are things that were overheard in our little karaoke studio.

* Wow. I didn’t realize Dave Grohl was such a good singer.

* This ABBA medley sucks. How can it not include ‘Dancing Queen?’

* Seriously, they don’t have Young M.C.?

* Adam Duritz is such a genius.

* Santeria! This was my jam in ’98!

* Oops. That’s the Japanese version.

* Lisa, can you find the American version?

* We should have done more rap songs. We’re pretty good.

* Let’s rumble with the idiots in the room next door.

* Where is Jeff Healey? Angel Eyes is my karaoke jam!

* Lisa, can you fast forward through this song?

* Queen changed my life.

* Who put on Def Leppard?

* “Liiiviin’ on a Pray-yar!!!”

* B.Y.O.B. brought Lisa and I together.

* Goddammit. Seriously. No Journey.

* Wait – do you want ‘Say It Ain’t So‘ or ‘The Sweater Song?’

* What? Our time’s up already? Lisa, tell them we want another hour.


P.S. Perhaps I should explain that Japanese karaoke bars are nothing like American karaoke bars. In Japan, you rent your own private room with your friends. You have a telephone that you can use to order service. You don’t have to share the mic with strangers. You don’t have to listen to any Taylor Swift.

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