Eastern State Penitentiary

Cell block four of Eastern State Penitentiary
The outside wall of Eastern State measuring in at 30 feet tall.

This past Memorial Day, instead of going to the Shore, or watching parades, or barbecuing large slabs of meat, I paid a visit to the Eastern State Penitentiary museum in Philly.

The former prison is just a 15 minute walk from the apartment. Since Lisa is (still) gone on holiday, I decided to go to a site that I knew she would never want to visit, such as a haunted jail.

Eastern State Pen was built in 1829 and at the time was the largest and most expensive public building ever constructed in America. In its time, it held such notorious criminals as bank

Al Capone's cell. He was only here for 9 months.

robber Willie Sutton (who escaped) and Al Capone. The prison was decommissioned in 1971.

It is probably best known today for the episode of Ghost Hunters that featured one of their most compelling images of a “ghost” caught on camera.

I myself did not witness any ghosts during my tour of Eastern State Pen. However, I was getting a little irritated with the tour

The rug really ties the room together.

guide because she did not shut up the entire time – so I didn’t have a chance to stop and listen for any disembodied voices.

We did get to visit the solitary confinement cells, which were opened to the public just last year. They were creepy. Nothing tangible happened, but after leaving the area, there was a real oily feeling in my bones. And as mentioned before, I became really irritated. This was probably just dehydration, but by the end of the tour, I truly detested the rest of my tour group, even though they were perfectly nice people and not in the least bit annoying.

Anywho, I did take a lot of pictures, which are posted below. Do you see any ghosts in any of these photos?

A cell in cell block two.
Another well-lit ghost-less cell.
The exercise yard
Nope, no spirits behind this grate
Creepy, yes, but no ghosts.
Anybody down there? Nope, don't think so.
How about solitary confinement? Anybody in there?
If I was in solitary confinement I would diddle with my dustballs all day long.
Is that an orb? Nope, just a piece of dust.
As many good men did before us, we will end at death row.

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