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  • Cherry Blossoms on Mount Kobo

    Cherry Blossoms on Mount Kobo

    Cherry blossoms, hiking, drinking, and onsen at Mount Kobo in Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • Tokyo Spring revisited

    Editor’s note: The following is an updated version of the last blog post. This new version will be published as a column in the Tampa Bay Current. If you want to skip past all of the words, brand new photos from Shinjuku Park, along with snappy captions, are at the bottom of the page. The […]

  • Tokyo Spring

    Spring has sprung in Tokyo, Japan. It started about two weeks ago with allergy season. I won’t describe my own symptoms, because that will end everything for everyone before we even get started. But for two days, it was bad. And then it was over. For others, hay fever season ran for over a week. […]