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  • A Tokyo whirlwind tour part II

    A Tokyo whirlwind tour part II

    The continuation of the travel log for Mom and Dad’s 2013 tour of Tokyo.

  • A Tokyo bender

    In my experience, it usually takes about a month to acclimate to a new place. After a month, you are settled into your new residence, you have met a few acquaintances and public transportation is a little more navigatable. And you feel comfortable enough to hit the town. Friday night was my night. Our good […]

  • Bricks walking

    Today marks our fourth week here in Tokyo. So far I have completed three phases of acclimation and am entering the fourth. There are probably three more, one of which I am hoping is the “sing karaoke every night like you are a member of AKB48” phase. The first phase was complete shock. I sat […]