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  • A Tokyo whirlwind tour, part I

    A Tokyo whirlwind tour, part I

    My parents from Iowa made their first visit to Japan in 2013.

  • Tokyo New Year 2012

    For a country with such a long history, Japan has very little traditions of its own. Even though the Japanese emperor’s lineage dates back to 660 B.C., the country’s main religion (Buddhism) and crop (rice) are imports from China. It is the same with Japan’s most celebrated holiday, New Year’s. The New Year’s celebration in […]

  • Beer, sausages and ramen in Tokyo

    Today, Tuesday, ends my weekend. I teach English on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and I take off Monday and Tuesday, thus, this is my holiday. However, I still treat Friday, Saturday and Sunday like the weekend, so in reality, I only have two workdays. Which leaves plenty of time to dick around in Tokyo. Here’s […]

  • These things that I have done

    I’ve been getting out more. Putting on pants and everything. Last weekend Lisa and went shopping in the Shimokitazawa District. It’s where all the cool kids buy ironic T-shirts and hang out in coffee shops. That is a story for another time. Mostly I have been going to the Garage Bakery which is just down […]