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  • Traveling home: a culinary experience

    I was in the Minneapolis airport and I had just spent 30 minutes looking for an Arby’s. The beef and cheddar combo was the last item on my mental checklist of food I wanted to eat before returning to Tokyo. From June 27-July 10 I had returned to the U.S., mostly to visit family in […]

  • Mount Tsukuba (pronounced ‘scuba’)

    Mount Tsukuba is shrouded in myth, and the day we hiked to the summit, the valley below was shrouded in mist. Peaking at 877 meters (2,877 feet), Tsukuba is an hour and a half  north of Tokyo. Just take the Tsukuba Express from Akihabara Station for about 45 minutes (cost=1,150 yen) and then hop on […]

  • Pinching yourself with battery cables or The day I spent at the immigration office

    Editor’s note: The following is a personal account of my experience renewing my spousal visa in Japan. Everybody’s situation is a little different, so if you are seeking advice, here are the websites that helped me the most: Blog it Japan, GaijinPot and here is a link to download the application and guarantor documents. My friend […]

  • Tokyo Spring revisited

    Editor’s note: The following is an updated version of the last blog post. This new version will be published as a column in the Tampa Bay Current. If you want to skip past all of the words, brand new photos from Shinjuku Park, along with snappy captions, are at the bottom of the page. The […]

  • Tokyo Spring

    Spring has sprung in Tokyo, Japan. It started about two weeks ago with allergy season. I won’t describe my own symptoms, because that will end everything for everyone before we even get started. But for two days, it was bad. And then it was over. For others, hay fever season ran for over a week. […]