Month: December 2012

  • Christmas in Japan 2012

    I opened my Christmas presents two days early this year. As an adult, I can make those kinds of decisions. As a child growing up in Iowa, we opened up presents on Christmas morning. That was the rule. We had several other traditions. On Christmas Eve Mom made chili and Dad cooked his homemade oyster […]

  • Japan’s elections don’t make sense

    Fortunately I missed all of the hullabaloo surrounding the U.S. presidential election – the ads, the mass mailings and the frequent phone calls from “unknown” callers. My wife and I moved to Tokyo last May, before the campaigns really started heating up. However, last week I did experience my first election in Japan. All I […]


    Last July, about a month and a half after I moved to Japan, I was sitting in a training class on the eight floor of a Tokyo office building. The building began to sway. Pens rolled across the desk. Laptop computers jiggled. My heart crept up in my throat. Everybody in the class glanced from […]

  • Hiroshima: a pictorial with lots of words

    A colleague who has lived in Japan for quite a while recently told me that of his two favorite places to visit in this country, Fukuoka is number 1 and Hiroshima is number 2. I have never been to Fukuoka, but last weekend Lisa and I visited Hiroshima. I will say this – the place […]