Month: July 2012

  • Health insured

    Today I signed up for health insurance. At least, I think I did. When Lisa comes home from work tonight she will have to verify. She let me off my leash today, and these are the sorts of things that happen. Japan is known to have the best healthcare system in the world. It is […]

  • Yep, still in Tokyo

    I started teaching English here in Tokyo and in today’s lesson my student had to explain to me different Japanese customs that foreigners might not be aware of. Also, last Sunday Lisa and I went hiking at Mount Takao. So both of these subjects are being juxtaposed into one blog posting. First of all, I’m […]

  • Rules of Marriage

    I read this really stupid article about marriage on the Huffington Post earlier today. The headline said “The 5 rules of marriage.” Since I was procrastinating work, at the time this seemed like a great article to read. Besides, I’ve been married for… (let’s see, Nov., Dec., Jan.) … 8 months now, and maybe I […]

  • Iowa worldwide

    Iowa is a great place to call home. I’ve traveled many places in this world, and it surprises me how many people know of Iowa, know somebody from Iowa, and have high regard for the people of Iowa. Iowans are special, and that’s all it is to it. It’s one of the smallest slices of […]

  • Tuesday morning guilty pleasure songs from the 90s

    For your musical enjoyment, here are YouTube links to songs from the 1990s that were my ultimate guilty pleasures. This is not up for debate. I don’t want your requests, because your musical taste sucks. And I don’t want to hear, “That song was from 1989, or that song was from 2001.” I don’t care. […]