Month: June 2012

  • A Tokyo bender

    In my experience, it usually takes about a month to acclimate to a new place. After a month, you are settled into your new residence, you have met a few acquaintances and public transportation is a little more navigatable. And you feel comfortable enough to hit the town. Friday night was my night. Our good […]

  • Bricks walking

    Today marks our fourth week here in Tokyo. So far I have completed three phases of acclimation and am entering the fourth. There are probably three more, one of which I am hoping is the “sing karaoke every night like you are a member of AKB48” phase. The first phase was complete shock. I sat […]

  • These things that I have done

    I’ve been getting out more. Putting on pants and everything. Last weekend Lisa and went shopping in the Shimokitazawa District. It’s where all the cool kids buy ironic T-shirts and hang out in coffee shops. That is a story for another time. Mostly I have been going to the Garage Bakery which is just down […]

  • What’s the deal with slippers?

    One of the difficult adjustments to make when living in or visiting Japan is changing in and out of slippers. It seems that every time you enter a room you have to slip into a new pair of slippers. Going to the bathroom? Put on slippers. Hanging the laundry? Change in to sandals. It is […]