Tips for Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day was yesterday. But I was busy.

Anyway, I posted these Valentine’s Day suggestions on Twitter, and felt it would behoove the development of the Nick of  Time brand to also post them here.


The management

Valentine’s tip #1: Don’t be an idiot. Buy a gift no matter what she says.

Valentine’s tip #2: Even if she says roses are overpriced – buy roses – not orchids, peonies, dandelions, or whatever.

Valentine’s tip #3: Cook something, even if it’s grilled cheese (hint – add tomato).

Valentine’s tip #4: Everybody at work bought her chocolate. Get something different, like a gourmet cupcake, gelato or chicken wings.

(Post VD update: Chocolate covered blueberries from Reilys in Medford, NJ are the exception).

Valentine’s tip #5: If you are going out, dude, you should have made reservations like 3 weeks ago. Don’t be calling today.

Valentine’s tip #6: Put out.

Valentine’s tip #7: Take her out to do something different – ice skating, ballroom/salsa dancing, local live theatre, etc.

Valentine’s tip #8: When ice skating, don’t stare at the other girls in the tight, lycra pants.

Valentine’s tip #9: Don’t invite her to come watch your band.

Valentine’s tip #10: DO NOT watch the movie ‘Valentine’s Day.’ If your date does want to watch this tripe, you are dating the wrong person.


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