Month: February 2012

  • Tips for Valentine’s Day

    Yes, Valentine’s Day was yesterday. But I was busy. Anyway, I posted these Valentine’s Day suggestions on Twitter, and felt it would behoove the development of the Nick of  Time brand to also post them here. Cheers, The management Valentine’s tip #1: Don’t be an idiot. Buy a gift no matter what she says. Valentine’s […]

  • Post honeymoon adjustments cont’d: A booger story

    Back in the 5th grade at Hansen Elementary, circa 1989, there was a special needs student named Bobby who would join our class for one hour each day to study history. Bobby was a nice kid, he was just really slow. Kind of like a guinea pig, he was round and furry and dimwitted. I […]

  • Marriage part VI: The post-honeymoon adjustments

    I came to a realization last night. My wife is conspiring to force me to eat healthy. The conspiracy surrounds a styrofoam container of leftover chicken wings sitting on the bottom of the fridge. I can see the chicken wings. I know exactly where they are. At around 3 pm everyday at work I can […]