I invented a new exercise craze this summer. It is currently sweeping Philly and is picking up steam in Japan.
It’s called Nixercise.

Nixercise is a mix of walking, sport and indulgence.

The only requirement is plenty of free time, a dash of adventure and a thirst for fine craft beers.

The point is this. You like to visit new sites. You like to imbibe in liquid beverages and gorge on rich delicacies. At the same time, you don’t want to gain weight. And you are not one who necessarily wants to break a sweat.

Let me introduce you to Nixercise.

Pick a destiination. Maybe it’s a restaurant you always wanted to visit, or a museum or park or landmark, what have you. Make sure it is some distance away, anywhere from 2 to 5 miles. Pick a good walking route (be safe!) and you are on your way!

Avoid traffic, avoid the weirdos on the bus, eliminate psycho taxi drivers. Stop by a few drinking holes along the way. Maybe you will discover your new favorite bar!

In the meanwhile, you are burning off the calories you are ingesting. Sure, maybe you aren’t losing any of that bulge, but at least your fat ass isn’t getting any bigger!

For an introductory video of Nixercise, visit this YouTube site:

Trust me, it is worth the 10 minutes.

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