Rebranding Nick of Time

Developing a company brand is just a way of saying, “design a cool logo and write a snappy business statement.”

Goddamn Donald Trump is the progenitor of the “brand” phenomenon, and for the last couple of years, we have been hearing this term in all walks of life. When Lisa started business school, her first lesson was to develop her personal brand. When I listened to a lecture by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, he said his goal is “to build the biggest, baddest brand on the planet.”

A sketch of the cool new Nick of Time logo.

Coincidentally, that is my goal as well.

I soon noticed that brand terminology had permeated my office. When my co-workers can’t aptly explain a new product or strategy, they simply say, “we are supporting the company’s brand.”

I say it all the time.

“Nick, why did you pour the coffee grounds in the drinking fountain?”

“I’m developing the company’s brand.”

Recently, I received an e-mail from one of the job search sites I signed up for when I was unemployed. The e-mail was entitled, “Build your personal brand.”

Will wonders never cease! This e-mail refers to the exact topic I am writing about here!

One of the suggestions is to create an online presence.

Well, between this blog, facebook, twitter, google+, myspace, linked in,, and several Velveeta cheese fan sites, an online presence I have.

But in order to sufficiently refine my online brand, I need to synergize the message conveyed by each of these digital portals of enlightenment. And I need to develop a cool logo.

This Nick of Time rebranding will take some time. I must actuate my missive. The message will be edgy, gritty and badass, while at the same time humorous, informative and a bit nerdy.

It will make young girls swoon, old girls titter and Republicans take pause.

But more than likely, the Nick of Time brand will end up being best defined by this video demonstration.

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