Month: June 2011

  • Bright Eyes vs. Lenka

    I’ve never taken the trolley to the ghetto. I’ve ended up in the ghetto by bus, by train, by car, by foot, but never by trolley. Friday night, I did. At the last minute, I decided to go to the Bright Eyes concert at the Mann Center of Performing Arts. This was quite a hike […]

  • Top 5 mallet songs

    Back in the sixth grade when I began playing percussion in the elementary band, there was one pre-requisite. You had to have previous experience with piano lessons. Thankfully, my parents tortured me with five excruciating years of ivory tickles. In band, I specialized in the snare drum, crash cymbals and the gong. In addition to […]

  • Things I learned from comic books

    While recovering from a hangover, I watched the X-Men trilogy on FX. This to me to thinking, among other things, about the different science lessons and other bits of information I have gleaned from reading comic books. Here is a list of just a few of those lessons. If there is anything you learned from […]

  • Eastern State Penitentiary

    This past Memorial Day, instead of going to the Shore, or watching parades, or barbecuing large slabs of meat, I paid a visit┬áto┬áthe Eastern State Penitentiary museum in Philly. The former prison is just a 15 minute walk from the apartment. Since Lisa is (still) gone on holiday, I decided to go to a site […]