The End of the World

I don’t know of anybody who seriously took the notion that the world would end today (May 21, 2011), as was predicted by Oakland wacko Harold Camping.

But most everybody I know was talking about it, and was effected by the Biblical prediction that swept across the nation. And this wasn’t a bad thing.

Camping’s dubious divination gave reason for people to pause and really consider how they would spend their last day on earth. For everybody I know, this was a positive.

Friends in Chicago through an apocalypse party, complete with an end of the world soundtrack. (This is the song I would put on there)

A lady I used to work with posted on facebook that she made an extra trip to church and spontaneously drove two hours to see her grandson.

Grandpa Joe sent several e-mails to the entire family about a sweet, yet convoluted, story about a fishing trip, along with several jests about the end of the world. I know Grandpa Joe wasn’t taking the rapture seriously, but he was thinking about us family, and it was great to hear from him.

As for myself, my first notion was to spend my last day with Lisa, but she is on a school trip to Israel. Secondly, I would be with my family, but that is a $500 plane ride away.

My third wish, was to go to a strip club. I did give this consideration, but even if it was judgement day, I still wouldn’t want to be the creepy dude sitting by himself at the nudie bar.

What actually happened is I forgot the end was nie, and I was in the shower during the drop dead hour. Remembering this while drying off, I walked naked into the living room to check the clock. I forgot the clock had fallen off the wall, and it was sitting on the floor, hands still.

I also forgot that in daylight the neighbors can see into my windows.

So maybe since the clock wasn’t working, we are living on borrowed time!

Anyhow, I spend the rest of the day disc golfing. Which is what I would do any other day of the week, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to be.

The Philadelphia Zoo hot air balloon hovering over boat house row. Took this picture while walking to the disc golf course.

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