Random, but poignant, quote

“The guy at home is every bit as smart as we are,” he said. “He might not be as informed about the event. But he’s every bit as smart. He can figure it out.”

I took this quote from an article I just read on sportsillustrated.com. Joe Posnanski interviewed Dick Ebersol hours after Ebersol resigned as head of NBC Sports.

Ebersol was the co-creator of Saturday Night Live and produced the Olympics, and in general changed the way we watch sports today.

The point of the quote is that Ebersol, a genius in the field of television programming, refuses to treat the viewer like an idiot. This is the problem with most television programs today, and in turn, television producers. They assume the TV audience is full of morons, hence, we have a stable of moronic shows to watch every night.

If we had more Dick Ebersol’s in the television business, our country would be in a better place. Unfortunately, Dick Ebersol was run out of office and programming just sunk a little deeper in the manure pit.

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