Mother’s Day

I am a little bit behind so today I am posting two new blogs.

Grandma's Boy

The first is about Mother’s Day. I know it is not Mother’s Day technically, but today, May 1, is my mother’s birthday. So to me, today is Mother’s Day.

Unfortunately I can not be with Mom and the rest of the family on her special day, as I am out here in Philadelphia and Mom is back home in Iowa.

I did not get her a present, all I will be able to do is give her a call later and catch up on this week’s episode of “The Amazing Race.”


But I can thank Mom for being patient and supportive of my whims and fancies. I know it is Mom’s preference for me to be closer to home, but she has been helpful in every way in helping me to chase my lucid schemes.

Lisa occasionally asks if I would be happier back in Iowa, where I had a stable existence.

Every time, I tell her no. I tell her that in Iowa, I know exactly what will happen everyday, and I can tell you exactly what I will be doing for the next 50-60 years.

The route I chose that brought me here to Philadelphia, has curves and bridges, peaks and valleys. I can’t tell you where I will be in the next 5, 10, 25 years, but I know where ever it is, it will be exactly where I want to be.

I wake up every day excited for what the world will bring. Back in Iowa I dreaded morning and rued the day.

This had nothing to do with my family, who were the sunny ray in the cornfields. That is why I tried to visit them as much as I could before moving out East.

It is bittersweet knowing that as I grow older and further away, there is a chance I will see them less and less.

That is why I cannot thank my father enough for buying me a plane ticket to Minneapolis over Easter weekend.

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins

Elissa, the good child, had a great idea to treat Mom to a weekend in the Twin Cities. Mom is an avid Minnesota Twins fan, and she passed on this trait to her children.

As a birthday present, Elissa and her fiance Chad spent four hours on the phone in order to reserve 10 tickets to the April 23 Twins game in the new Target Field.

Initially, I couldn’t afford to go. I am still paying off my debt incurred during the move – and from being unemployed for two months.

As a birthday present to Mom, Dad purchased my plane ticket for me.

It was a great weekend. The Twins won 10-3. We didn’t do much outside attending the baseball game and hanging out at the hotel, engaging in pleasant conversation. Grandma Georgia came along, and it is always heartwarming to spend time with her.

Dad, Aaron, Rohan and Grandma Georgia. Lisa said Grandma Georgia doesn't look old enough to be a great-grandmother.

We also got to spend time with Uncle Tom and Nancy Sue, who have great insight into world events and pop culture.

Of course the rest of the family was there, including Aaron and Emily and my shaggy nephew Rohan, along with Emily’s sister Allison and her family.

All in all, I am damn lucky to have a family that enjoys spending time with each other and is unconditionally supportive of our efforts and endeavors.

Aaron, Emily, Rohan, Chad and Elissa at the game.

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