Month: May 2011

  • Paid rent, bought a tent

    I bought a brand new Marmot Limelight 2 from the REI store in Marlton, NJ, last weekend. I have never put so much research and effort into a purchase in my life. I scoured the Interweb. I started my search with, which is the standard bearer for economical and quality camping products. Actually, the […]

  • The End of the World

    I don’t know of anybody who seriously took the notion that the world would end today (May 21, 2011), as was predicted by Oakland wacko Harold Camping. But most everybody I know was talking about it, and was effected by the Biblical prediction that swept across the nation. And this wasn’t a bad thing. Camping’s […]

  • Random, but poignant, quote

    “The guy at home is every bit as smart as we are,” he said. “He might not be as informed about the event. But he’s every bit as smart. He can figure it out.” I took this quote from an article I just read on Joe Posnanski interviewed Dick Ebersol hours after Ebersol resigned as head of NBC […]

  • Cage the Elephant

    I took Lisa to her first rock concert last weekend, a fact I did not know until we were in attendance of the Cage the Elephant show here in Philadelphia. As the second phase of the greatest date ever, the first being an afternoon in the shopping district of Manayunk, Lisa and I went to […]

  • Manayunk

    Yesterday, Lisa and I had our best date in a long time, and it all started at Manayunk. With Lisa busy with final exams, and me swamped with fantasy baseball, we haven’t had time to spend an entire day together. The cosmos aligned yesterday, and we kept our schedules free in order to immerse ourselves […]