Month: February 2011

  • First rent, then tent

    I want to go camping. Last summer I didn’t go camping one time. The summer before that, I went on three backpacking trips and several overnighters. This summer I want to find a balance, especially since I have very little vacation time. To me, a weekend camping trip is the perfect vacation. With renewed genevieve, […]

  • On Location

    Models and bottles. A new phrase I learned in Philadelphia that seemed pertinent this past Monday. There were models, yes. But instead of bottles of Cristal, we had bottles of hairspray. Monday was my first real challenge in my new job as special sections coordinator for the Press of Atlantic City. Our Bliss spring bridal […]

  • Lemme explain

    My last post may have been confusing. So before I explain what the heck I was trying to explain, let me explain what I was doing Saturday night when I wrote this post. I was drinking. Was it obvious? Lisa had classmates over Saturday night to celebrate the end of DIP week. Not sure why […]