Month: January 2011

  • when where what???

    Has anybody seen this car? I, um, forgot where it is. Pretty sure it’s south of South Street. And honestly, the last intersection recollected is 23th and Catherine. I was at 23rd and Catherine this past Thursday. My car wasn’t there. It wasn’t on Montrose Avenue either. Nor Fitzwater Street. So I gave up the […]

  • Stops

    The marigold light overhead encaged with protective bug wire. The plexiglass windows on all four walls, scuffed by years of abuse from listless teenagers and smattered with tattered stickers. Black marker graffiti scribbled haphazardly in the corner. The young ethnic woman in black trench coat and pink scarf, sitting on the bench, torso hunched her […]

  • Nick and the Mechanics

    My car was running just fine until I took it to a mechanic. The issues aren’t so much with the car itself, or so I thought. My issues deal with car ownership, registration and maintenance. In the last five months, my car has been in five different shops. Let me reiterate, my car works fine. […]

  • Time out

    Sorry for the lack of recent blogs. Since starting the new job, there hasn’t been the time or energy to finish any personal projects. There are three new blogs in various stages of completion, I just need to sit down and write. In the meantime, here is the latest video from The Ramblers.

  • New York, New York

      Of all the days to fly out of New York, we chose the day of the fifth worst blizzard in the city’s storied history. Thus, our one day tour of New York City turned into three. This was supposed to be my Christmas present to Lisa – a day in New York City. Christmas […]